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Indian Creek Design, Inc.
1019 First Street North
Nampa ID 83687

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7/30/10: The online store is LIVE

12/02/09: We have been receiving numerous complaints about Vaporwork's service lately. Please send repairs to ICD directly. Note that the turnaround time is 4-6 months, as we do not have dedicated paintball marker repair staff.


As of January 2008:

After 21 years in the paintball industry, ICD has made the decision to no longer produce paintball guns. This is due to ICD's growth in other industries and product lines and the lack of growth in the paintball industry. However, we will continue our commitment to our existing customers by offering warranty service, parts, and accessories for our markers. We are a strong, thriving company and this move reflects our continued quest for innovation and exploring new opportunities.

Changes to Services

Vaporworks has taken over service and maintenance of our markers. If you are interested in having your marker serviced (non-warranty work), please follow the link at the left of the page or visit for information on how to service your marker. Vaporworks is as committed to quality as ICD, and both companies feel that this move will benefit our customers by reducing turn-around times on repair work. Our technicians are available for support by contacting ICD directly. These pages also contain in-depth technical information on our existing line of markers.

Additional note: We have received complaints of misinformation being provided by third parties. Remember, ICD handles warranty service, while Vaporworks handles non-warranty service. Sending warranty items to Vaporworks will result in the item being charged for and/or returned freight collect. Neither company is responsible for misinformation provided by third parties. If you are in doubt as to where to send your marker, contact ICD.


Feel free to browse our websites to see the exciting other product lines and services offered by ICD. We would like to thank the paintball industry as a whole for 21 great years of adventure and opportunity.


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You may contact Vaporworks for service questions by using the link below: